On a street corner, at a festival, at home, or at a party – food that makes people stop, share a moment and say Damit Amit That’s Tasty is what it is all about! 


On The Street

Damit Amit, this truck rocks


People ask me what kind of food do you serve on the truck (aka the Tastymobile)? The answer is simple, I serve food that me and my peeps like to eat. From the Airdrie-raised all-natural beef  provided by Your Local Ranch in my Smokedstack Burger to the tangy mango salsa on the Tasty Fish Tacos, my focus is make it Tasty.

At home what me, my wife and my daughter think is the tastiest dish is slightly different, so I have a dish on the truck that each one of us gets excited to eat.  I’m a bacon and appy guy,  my wife, well, she loves dishes on the lighter and spicy side (that’s why she picked me), and our daughter  - two words - "Cheese Please". Combine all those tastes together and you have the street food we are serving up on the Tastymobile.

When we find a new Tasty favourite that makes one of us go Damit Amit – That’s Tasty, you can be sure you will get to try it too.

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At Home


“Damit Amit – That was so easy and so much fun"

With Damit Amit, ​ you host the party, I prepare the food that brings everyone together. 

I love entertaining, having a house full of friends and family sharing laughter and tasty food.   But let’s be honest, hosting means shopping, cleaning, prepping, and cleaning again. Often the hosts are in the kitchen (I cook, my wife cleans) instead of sharing in the moment. The night usually ends with people saying “Damit Amit you were in the kitchen the whole night and we didn’t even get to catch up.”

​Let me change that statement at the end of your dinner party.  ​For the same price (or even less) as dinner at a nice restaurant, you can host in the casual atmosphere of your home with the convenience of going out.  ​


Pick your menu and let Damit Amit do the rest.

At A Party


“Damit Amit – the catering made the night"

What's counts as a party? In my world it can be 20 friends or 150 friends and family (and that strange guy no one knows - he seems to find a away to everyone's party). As long as everyone is in the mood to celebrate it is a party! 

But planning a party - well that is a bit of work. Finding the venue, sending invites, decorations, entertainment, there is a whole list of things. One of course is finding the caterer. That's where Damit Amit comes in.

My goal is for you to say, Damit Amit that was so simple and you were such a big help.

Remember I have a food truck, so no kitchen required. You pick the menu, reserve the Damit Amit parking spot and I do the rest.

​Don’t forget the kids

I make kids party tasty too. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Mac and Cheese, Popcorn, Ice Cream or whatever your kid's favourite food is at that particular time, it  can be served in your driveway or on your street. Oh yeah and the mess is ours to clean up too.

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